About me, the Bropair

Hi there!

I am 18 years old, my name is Matthias and yes – I am a male au pair. Or Manny. Or au pair boy. Or bro pair. There’s a broad variety of names for a not so broad variety of men working in childcare, but I am one of them. This is my story.

Growing up in Germany,

I actually did not have that much to do with kids, or childcare. I did not have a younger sibling, no neighbors with a baby, not even a dog to take care of. Instead of that I had an older sibling, two neighbors with dogs and 5 fish, which don’t really require a lot of attention, except, well… feeding them every now and then. Two fish are still alive today. So no, I have not been a good caretaker. I rather put my time and effort into activities that seemed more fun like sports and making music with friends. That’s why I didn’t say yes right away when I got asked to babysit for a family with 3 kids (4, 4 and 6 Years old) and also teach the oldest daughter violin. Eventually I decided it would be an interesting new experience and it was – three and a half years later I had babysat about 500 hours, gained a lot of self control and become more organized. Despite my babysitting, I would never have imagined that I would spend two years in America as an au pair.

Me being cute, Germany, 2005

Until I ran into a Cultural Care stand at our school,

I didn’t even know male au pairs existed. Rather accidentally I overheard a chat between a friend of mine and a Cultural Care worker at a gap-year-expo at our school. She mentioned treats like $200 a week and college programs in the USA and suddenly I got really interested in the whole au pair thing. I did my research and found out that my 500 hours of babysitting would be enough, so I started applying to different agencies in October 2016 and ended up matching with my dream-host family in New York.

My host family and I

I’ve been living with them since summer ’17 and I am happy every after. On this blog I want to share with you some personal experiences, pictures and stories from living as an au pair, especially as a boy, so go ahead, read through my posts, ask questions, if you’d like and I hope I could maybe help you a bit;).

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